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Moshe Y. Lubling, the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt

Yoram Lubling

On August 2, 1943, a small group of Jewish prisoners at the Treblinka death-camp in Poland revolted against their Nazi and Ukrainian guards. The prisoners burned the camp down, facilitating the escape of 200-300 prisoners, of whom only 40-60 survived the war. Although not a single leader of the revolt survived, 27 survivors submitted eyewitness testimonies. Twice-Dead tells the story of Moshe Y. Lubling, the true leader of the Treblinka Revolt, a leader of the Labor Zionists, and the chairman of the legendary Workers’ Council in the Czestochowa Ghetto. Twice-Dead corrects the accepted account of the revolt, ensuring that Moshe Y. Lubling’s heroic life and death will not be forgotten.