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The History of Media and Communication Research

Contested Memories

David W. Park and Jefferson Pooley

«Strictly speaking», James Carey wrote, «there is no history of mass communication research.» This volume is a long-overdue response to Carey’s comment about the field’s ignorance of its own past. The collection includes essays of historiographical self-scrutiny, as well as new histories that trace the field’s institutional evolution and cross-pollination with other academic disciplines. The volume treats the remembered past of mass communication research as crucial terrain where boundaries are marked off and futures plotted. The collection, intended for scholars and advanced graduate students, is an essential compass for the field.
Contents: Hanno Hardt: Foreword – Jefferson Pooley/David W. Park: Introduction – Deborah Lubken: Remembering the Straw Man: The Travels and Adventures of Hypodermic – Jefferson Pooley: The New History of Mass Communication Research – Sue Curry Jansen: Walter Lippmann, Straw Man of Communication Research – Lana F. Rakow: Feminist Historiography and the Field: Writing New Histories – John Durham Peters: Institutional Opportunities for Intellectual History in Communication Studies – J. Michael Sproule: «Communication»: From Concept to Field to Discipline – David E. Morrison: Opportunity Structures and the Creation of Knowledge: Paul Lazarsfeld and the Politics of Research – Veikko Pietilä: How Does a Discipline Become Institutionalized? – Kaarle Nordenstreng: Institutional Networking: The Story of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) – David W. Park: The Two-Step Flow vs. The Lonely Crowd: Conformity and the Media in the 1950s – Wendy Worrall Redal: Making Sense of Social Change: Studying Media and Culture in 1960s Britain – Peter Simonson: Writing Figures into the Field: William McPhee and the Parts Played by People in Our Histories of Media Research – James A. Anderson/Janet W. Colvin: Media Research 1900-1945: Topics and Conversations – William J. Buxton: From Park to Cressey: Chicago Sociology’s Engagement with Media and Mass Culture.