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Spirituality, Ethnography, and Teaching

Stories from Within

Will Ashton and Diana Denton

Today more than ever, we need an ethnography of spirit so we can identify and describe how spirit dwells and how it communicates. Our lives and our humanity depend on making the connection to spirit more visible and concrete to ourselves, to those we love, and to those we fail to understand.
Educators have a special role to play in making the connection to spirit more visible and concrete. In this vital new book, a wide range of scholars and educators share stories about their own personal calls to spirituality. From the Amazon to the coast of Ireland, from the Talmud to the Book of Mormon, and in classrooms across the world, contributors explore the scenes in which spirit lives through insightful autoethnographic research and reporting.
Spirituality, Ethnography, and Teaching is dedicated to the journey to the heart of teaching and learning. Each chapter reveals that spirituality, ethnography, and teaching are linked concretely in our experience of and desire for freedom. This collection of stories invites the reader to share in a way of knowing that discloses a radical union in which freedom, communication, and spirit coalesce. This ethnography of spirit calls upon the reader to dwell more deeply in the humanness of life and vocation and to let love flow.
Contents: Will Ashton/Diana Denton: Introduction: Spirituality, Ethnography, and Teaching – Ronald J. Pelias: Negotiating Spirit – Larry Russell: From the Ash – Jim Perkinson: Pilgrimage, Rock, and Spirit – Kimiko Akita: The Professional Suicide of a Japanese Woman Teacher – Peninnah Schram: The Weaver’s Thread: How Name, Story, and Prayer Form the Braid of My Spiritual Life – David C. Price: «THINK»: Transcending Unitarian and Mormon Teaching – Lori West Peterson: From Agnostic to Evangelical: How an Unlikely Conversion Birthed a Unique Convergence – Deanna L. Fassett: Calling – Caren S. Neile: An Intersession Carol: For Gloria Anzaldua, Teresa Brennan, and Stanford Lyman, with Apologies to Charles Dickens – Diana Denton: Re-Imagining the Wound: Of Innocence, Sacrifice & Gift – Carl Leggo: Attending to Winter: A Poetics of Research – Karen Meyer: Living Inquiry - A Gateless Gate and a Beach – Christopher N. Poulos: Dreaming, Writing, Teaching: Stories from Within Thin Places – Will Ashton: Worlds Apart: The Brujo, the Ayahuasca, and the Accidental Tourist – Kip Redick: Wilderness Trails, Spiritual Journeys, and Education – Isolde K. Anderson: Lost in Translation: Tracking Spirit during a Career Change – Sam Crowell/David Reid-Marr: Teaching from the Inside Out – Deborah Clark Vance: The Lessons of New Ventures – James Crocker-Lakness: Communication with Spirit – Anne Mancl: Following the Course of the Water – Elizabeth J. Tisdell: Teaching to the Music of My Soul: Catching on to the Beat of Learners’ Hearts.