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Empirical Issues in Formal Syntax and Semantics

Selected Papers from the Colloque de Syntaxe et de Sémantique de Paris (CSSP 1995)

Francis Corblin, Danièle Godard and Jean-Marie Marandin

Contents: Paolo Acquaviva: The Logical Form of Negative Concord - Martin Everaert/Elena Anagnostopoulou: Thematic Hierarchies and Binding Theory: Evidence from Greek - Fusa Katada: Agglutinative Causatives and Morphology - Christopher Manning: Grammatical Relations versus Binding: On the Distinctness of Argument Structure - Stella Markantonatou/Louisa Sadler: Linking Indirect Arguments and Verb Alternation in English - María-Eugenia Niño: The Multiple Expression of Inflectional Information and Grammatical Architecture - Franz Beil: On Antecedent Contained Ellipsis - Georges Rebuschi: Quirky Dependence: Discourse Pronouns and Predicate Ellipsis - Maribel Romero: Recoverability Conditions for Sluicing - Francis Corblin/Ivan Derzhanski: Multiple Negation, Optional Arguments and the Reification of Eventualities - Donka Farkas: Dependent Indefinites - Michael Johnston: The Telic/Atelic Distinction and the Individuation of Quantificational Domains - Frank Keller: Underspecified Presuppositions - Rodger Kibble: Modal Insubordination - Jürgen Pafel: Wh-Phrases in the Scope of (other) Quantifiers.