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Christian Theology of Religions

A Systematic Reflection on the Christian Understanding of World Religions


Mariasusai Dhavamony and Mariasusai Dhavamony

The book deals with the theological problem of the relation of other religions to Christianity. Can Christianity claim to be unique and universal, given the fact that other religions propose themselves as means of salvation? The method is theological, i.e., relying on Christian revelation and faith experience to understand and, theology being a normative science, to judge the truth value of the results of the history of religions. More specifically, it deals with the salvific value of other religions, the presence of Christ in them, the necessity of the Church for salvation and the salvation of other believers, and finally, the theological understanding of interreligious dialogue.
Contents: Supernatural revelation in other religions – Paradigm-shift in theology of religions – Cosmic Christ and world religions – Presence of Christ in them – The Mystery of the Cross and religions – The Kingdom of God and religions – The Church and Salvation – Inter-religious dialogue – Ritual participation among religions.