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Pierre Bourdieu: Language, Culture and Education

Theory into Practice

Michael Grenfell and Michael Kelly

Pierre Bourdieu is one of the key social theorists of the century. For the past forty years his many publications have defined a new approach to the study of such diverse fields as Education, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Gender, Sport, Language and the Media. There have been many commentaries on his work. This book is the first to offer a number of empirical studies conducted by researchers working with his ideas.
Contents: Michael Grenfell/Michael Kelly: Introduction: Bourdieu: Language, Culture and Education - Theory into Practice – Michael Grenfell: Language: Construction of an Object of Research – Trevor Jones: Language Change and Social Change: Temptations of the Populist Fallacy – Inès Brulard/Michel Francard: To What Extent is the Linguistic Habitus of Francophone Belgian Speakers Reflected in their Linguistic Evaluations and Practices? – Fernand Fehlen: Pre-Eminent Role of Linguistic Capital in the Reproduction of the Social Space in Luxembourg – Robert Vann: An Empirical Perspective on Practice: Operationalising Bourdieu’s Notions of Linguistic Habitus – David Eick: Discourses on Language and Symbolic Power: Foucault and Bourdieu – J. Daniel Schubert: Anti-Habitus: Schizophrenia and Symbolic Violence – Bridget Fowler: Some Critical Issues in Bourdieu’s Sociology of Culture – Caterina Pizanias: Considering the Prospects of On-line Fields of (Techno)Cultural Production – Henry Barnard: Regimes of Value, Cultural Goodwill and the Social Life of Books – Dominique Perron: Societal Crisis and Social Representation in Colette’s Work – Rachael Langford: Writing and Resistance: Jules Vallès and the Language of Education – Sarah King: Refractions through a National Prism: Bourdieu, Canadian Literature and the University English Curriculum – Michael Kelly: Field and Habitus in Intercultural Communication – Christian Vermehren: Bourdieu and Media Studies – Karl Maton: Extra Curricular Activity Required: Pierre Bourdieu and the Sociology of Educational Knowledge – Rajani Naidoo: Doors of Learning, Gates of Power: Struggle in the South African University Field – Kenneth Ehrensal: Establishing Pedagogic Authority: Accreditation and Staffing of (US) University Business Schools – David James: Making the Graduate: Assessment Events as Social Practices – Phil Hodkinson: Use of Habitus, Capital and Field in Understanding Young People’s Career Decision Making – Diane Reay: Making Contact with Teachers: Habitus, Cultural Capital and Mothers’ Involvement in their Children’s Primary Schooling – Carmel Desmarchelier: Altered Habitus of Mature Aged Students – Roger Cook: Towards a Sociosomatics of Art: Bourdieu’s Reflexive Sociology, Contemporary Art and Education – Alex Moore: Unmixing Messages: A Bourdieusian Approach to Tensions and Helping-Strategies in Initial Teacher Education – Derek Robbins: Bourdieu on Language and Education: Conjunction or Parallel Development?