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Art in the Making

Aesthetics, Historicity and Practice

Kerstin Mey

Contemporary cultural practices have blurred and eroded traditional disciplinary boundaries of art and its discourses, and the ways in which they are taught. They have called into question the ideological premises and cultural assumptions on which traditional academic subjects were founded and which have underwritten the segregation between practice, pragmatic and speculative thought. The Scottish Theoros – Forum for Interdisciplinary Debate was jointly initiated by the Department of Philosophy and the School of Fine Art at the University of Dundee to create a space for dialogue between and across the various disciplines that are concerned with the study of visual arts: practice, aesthetics, theory, history and criticism. Theoros has initiated a series of international conferences bringing together professionals who are engaged in the research and teaching of art from different disciplinary perspectives. This volume contains selected contributions to the first Scottish Theoros conference on ‘Aesthetics, Historicity and Practice’, held in Dundee in 1998. Historicity marks the temporal nature of our existence and experience. It forms a central aspect in the making of and reflection on art. Here historicity is explored as a common ground for the integration of practice, critical thought and historical enquiry in the spaces of higher education and professional engagement.
Contents: Kerstin Mey: Introduction – Nicholas Davey: Was geht mich die Geschichte an? Art Practice and the Question of Historicity – Clive Cazeaux: Visualising Theory and Practice – Ewan Porter: Story-time and Image-time – Graham McFee: Art, Understanding and Historical Character: A Contribution to Analytic Aesthetics – Carolyn Wilde: A Philosopher’s Theory and the Artist’s Practice – Martin Gaugham: Art Fades into Theory? – Gérald Cipriani: Art and the Paths of Interpretation – Ian Heywood/Kevin O’Brien: Painting: Some Deeper Question of Surface – Sue Wrennall: Basic Instinct: A Question of Autonomy – Kerstin Mey: Insights, Vistas, Knowledge – Nicholas Davey: Drawn by the Open: Art Theory and Practice - A Dialogical Approach – David F. Sweet: Please Please Me: Scepticism and the Agreeable – Gabrielle Esser-Hall: Aesthetic Education in the Context of Graphic Design Studio Practice.