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Gender, Tradition and Renewal


Robert Platzner

This book brings together a number of ground-breaking essays that explore the interface of language and gender-consciousness in foundation texts of Judaism and Christianity. Using critical perspectives that derive from a feminist revaluation of traditional religious discourse, the contributors to this volume address basic questions of meaning and interpretive freedom that are integral to a contemporary reading of Scripture and liturgy. They raise such issues as the relevance of a liturgical tradition in which the Deity is addressed in exclusively masculine terms, and the continued viability of scriptural texts that reflect consistently androcentric values. In each of these essays the authors can be seen to respond to the challenge of the feminist critique of patriarchalism in the Western religious tradition, as well as to the perceived need, within contemporary Judaism and Christianity, for new interpretive models for the reading of sacred texts.
Contents: Tamar Ross: Can We Still Speak to God the Father? – Kune Biezeveld: Empowered with Grace. Re-thinking God’s Power from a Feminist Perspective – Sabine Van Den Eynde: Daughters of Abraham!? On «Covenant», Women and Gender – Kocku von Stuckrad: Constructing Femininity - the Lilith Case – Silke Muter Goldberg: Language and Gender in Early Modern and 19th Century Jewish Devotional Literature – Bianca Lataire/Reimund Bieringer: God the Father. An Exegetical Study of a Johannine Metaphor – Adrian Thatcher: The Bible Without Patriarchy: Ephesians 5: 21-33. A Case Study – Robert L. Platzner: Hannah’s Prayer: Muted Voices and Transgressive Gestures in Biblical Narrative.