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Poverty, Growth and Welfare in the World Economy in the 21st Century

Francesco Carlucci and Feruccio Marzano

This book includes the main papers presented at an International Conference on North-South Relationships in the 21st Century World Economy held at L’Aquila in Italy (September 2000). The underlying idea of the Conference was the «humanisation of the economy» and was destined to the study of the huge problems of underemployment, famine, disease and inequality, which tragically characterise very large sections of the world population.
Contents: F. Carlucci/F. Marzano: Preface – F. Marzano: Introduction – W. J. Baumol: Opening Paper. Endogenous Dissemination of Technology and North-South Divergence – S. Subramanian: Aspects of Global Deprivation and Disparity: A Child's Guide to Some Simple-Minded Arithmetic – F. Carlucci/S. Pisani: Well-Being in the World: A Stochastic Measure at the Turn of the Millennium – L. Frey: Labour, Human Development and Poverty – A. Barros de Castro: Re-evaluation of the Past and Discussion of the Future. A Perspective for the Brazilian Economy Centred on Growth – J. Vogel: Welfare Institutions and Inequality in the European Union: A Lesson for Developing Countries? – A. Franco/J. Sotelo/E. Carreras: The «State of Art» of the Welfare State – P. Utomi: Technical Aspects of Africa's Economic Development and the Challenge of Values and Ethics – S. Zamagni: From Migrants Integration Policies to a Policy that Acknowledges Diversities – V. Tanzi/C. Ke-Young: Foreign Debt and Fiscal Policy in Poor Countries in the 21st Century – M. Rossi: Harnessing Globalisation: The Role of the IMF – N. S. Ndungu: External Debt and its Impact on Fiscal Policy, Investment, and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa – S. Fedeli/F. Forte: International Fiscal Policy and Economic Development – J. V. Massiá/M. L. Cabañes: Income - Labour - Leisure Analysis in the North-South Context – M. Di Matteo: Capital Accumulation and Exports of the Labour Intensive Good: A North-South Trade Model – V. Monaldi: Globalisation and Underdevelopment: Which Way for LDC's? – O. Neves de Almeida/P. Ascani: Intellectual Property Rights, Biotechnology and Economic Development – A. Fazio: Closing Paper. Economic Development and the Reduction of Poverty.