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International Justice After the Cold War

Essays with Applications


Aleksandar Jokic

International Justice After the Cold War: Essays with Applications considers, analyzes, and evaluates the theoretical and conceptual contributions to the novel multidisciplinary field of "international justice" that emerged in the Post-Cold War, U.S.-dominated, unipolar world. Philosophers have not, for the most part, participated in generating massive production in this field, even though they are uniquely well-suited to the task of scrutinizing the merits of this international justice discourse that is often lacking in its historical, factual, and methodological underpinnings. This volume, aimed at both professionals and the general public, may go some way toward filling this gap by critically examining some key components of the "international justice discourse," such as the nature of contemporary military ethics, challenges to defending the right of collective self-defense, construction of an ethics on international activism, the weaponization of genocide discourse, and challenges to attempts to morally justify claims about economic sanctions and the so-called "just war" theory.

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