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Child Poverty

Neriman Aral, Figen Gürsoy, Ece Özdoğan Özbal, Saliha Çetin Sultanoğlu, Sebahat Aydos, Selim Tosun, Tuğba Karaaslan and Gül Kadan

According to the annual UNICEF report «The State of the World’s Children», progress has been achieved in the fight against poverty, but the inequalities in children’s conditions still exist. With the data, those most at risk are identified, i.e. children who are least visible in the spotlight of public attention and suffer most from social isolation in the community. In order to develop every society should identify those who are most in need and should look for ways to support them. Both physical and emotional development of children living in socially disadvantaged areas should be supported and their access to basic needs should be facilitated.

This book presents the results of a project aiming at mapping child poverty in the Mamak district of Ankara. Taking the local conditions into consideration, an action plan has been developed to characterize the poverty experienced by the children living in the Mamak district and to generate solutions.

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