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Between the Said and the Unsaid

In Conversation with Paul Ricoeur- Volume I


Yvanka B. Raynova

This volume presents three interviews with Paul Ricoeur with the purpose to scrutinize the complex philosophical evolution of his thought. The main question which arises, therefore, and on which are centered the two volumes is how to «think together» the difference between the issues of Ricoeur’s first works and those of his later ones, concerning the problems of the self and its relation to being, transcendence and language. Other discussed subjects are: Why philosophy today? If philosophy and religion are two autonomous fields, is there a possibility of elaborating a religious philosophy within the method of hermeneutic phenomenology? What is the primary object of hermeneutics? What are the potentialities of language and its bounds, respectively the limits of interpretation?
Contents: Quo vadis? – All that «gives rise to thought» – Narrative Identity in Retrospection – Paul Ricoeur: A chronology with biographical sources – Paul Ricoeur Primary Bibliography: Books in French and English.