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From Intensified Work to Professional Development

A Journey through European Schools

Jan Löwstedt, Pär Larsson, Sjoerd Karsten and Rolf Van Dick

Teachers often feel that they have to mount enormous hills in their daily work. Teaching can be demanding, distressing and even painful, but it can also be very rewarding, just as the climber who reaches the top can feel intrinsically satisfied. These facets and consequences of teachers’ work are apparent in the studies presented in this book.
Some studies report that teachers experience a diversity of stresses, while others find that teachers in general report work satisfaction and only moderate levels of work-related stress. There are various reasons as to why this might be, and this book’s objective is to explore some of these and their effects on teachers’ working lives. Another objective is to explore what schools as organisations do (or can do) to facilitate teachers’ professional development and well-being.
The book gives a European perspective on issues relating to teachers’ professional development and well-being in an age of reform-pressure and deregulation common to schools in most European countries.
Contents: Sture Nordh: Preface – Rolf Van Dick/Sjoerd Karsten/Pär Larsson/Jan Löwstedt: Climbing the Mountain: An Introduction to the Journey – Katrijn Ballet/Geert Kelchtermans: Teacher’s Experience of Intensification – Barrie Jones/Rolf Van Dick: Thank God It’s Friday! – Jorge Ávila de Lima: Contextualising Teachers’ Professional Development – Sjoerd Karsten/Ina Koning/Erik van Schooten: Individual and School-related Aspects of Stress and Job Satisfaction – Jon Frode Blichfeldt: Supporting Good Work – Matti Meriläinen/Janne Pietarinen: Stress as a Barrier to Professional Development – Pär Larsson/Johan Berglund/Jan Löwstedt: Creating an Attractive School – Pär Larsson/Jan Löwstedt: Organising Competence in Schools – Rolf Van Dick/Christian Stierle/Hristos Govaris/Patrick Tissington/Anastassios Kodakos: Teachers’ Well-being and Job Satisfaction: An Analysis across Countries – Pär Larsson/Jan Löwstedt/Sjoerd Karsten/Rolf Van Dick: Back again: Experiences from the Journey – Pär Larsson/Jan Löwstedt: Refining the Expedition: Individual, Team and Organisational Development.