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Writing for College and Beyond

Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom


CJ Kent

Writing for College and Beyond: Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom explains how the many skills taught in the Freshman Composition course apply at work and in life. The composition class is a pre-requisite and General Education course for most colleges and universities in the United States. It reaches students in every area of study. As people wonder about the value of a liberal arts education and question whether colleges and universities are truly preparing students for the workforce, Writing for College and Beyond challenges those arguments by pointing out exactly how classroom policies and writing assignments apply beyond school walls. Professors, lecturers, and graduate students teaching Freshman Composition courses will find this book helpful. Administrators who service the Freshman Composition population, such as Writing Center Directors, will also find Writing for College and Beyond: Life Lessons from the College Composition Classroom a wonderful aid.

“Kent’s book is a must-read for any student, or graduate for that matter, looking to better understand why excellent writing begets excellent possibilities. The connections she draws between the fundamentals of writing and various industries are all too relatable as someone who majored in fiction writing and now works in advertising. I only wish I’d read this book earlier into my career. We have all been waiting for someone to write with clarity and gusto about the impact of school writing on future opportunities …Well voila! Our prayers have finally been answered.”—Kristen Berke, Senior Manager, Entertainment, LA Times

“This book is broken into well thought-out sections that reconceptualize the writing classroom, giving it a direct relationship to the world beyond. Its tone is clear and approachable, and the writing lessons are well-grounded in real examples, ever-mindful of the conventions of professional documents and professional environments. Each chapter helps students draw connections between their writing tasks and their future, professional selves. Research about literacy and employment in the United States frames these chapters on writing in order to present a compelling case for the importance of effective communication, not only in the classroom, but in the workplace, beyond, as the title indicates.”—J. C. Lee, Assistant Professor and Composition Coordinator, Department of English, California State University, Northridge

“For those educators that want to prepare the next generation of leaders, innovators, and creators to jump over the awkward hurdles of entering the workforce faster and more effectively, this book is the key to it. This brings to life the all too often faux pas committed by those just having entered the workforce, lessons they could be learning in higher education. From a COO with many years of hiring and training of hundreds of entry level employees, I implore professors to not only expertly teach craft, but to also engage in such lessons for post collegiate success. This book is a beautiful guide in not only writing, but the more broad sense of effective communication.”—Gianna Scorsone, Corporate Operations Officer, Mondo