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Health News and Responsibility

How Frames Create Blame


Lesa Hatley Major and Stacie Meihaus Jankowski

Who the public blames for health problems determines who the public believes is responsible for solving those health problems. Health policies targeting the broader public are the most effective way to improve health. The research approach described in this book will increase public support for critical health policies. The authors systematically organized and analyzed 25 years of thematic and episodic framing research in health news to create an approach to reframe responsibility in health news in order to gain public support for health policies. They apply their method to two of the top health issues in world—obesity and mental health—and conclude by discussing future research and plans for working with other health scholars, health practitioners, and journalists.

List of Tables – Preface – Acknowledgments – Introduction: This Is a Health Communication Book? – Good Pictures vs. Talking Heads: Iyengar’s Episodic and Thematic Frames – Research on Thematic and Episodic Frames: The Health – 25 Years of Thematic and Episodic: A Content Analysis of the Scholarly Research in Academic Journals – The Integrated Process of Framing: An Approach to Organize and Evaluate – Feast or Famine: A Qualitative Analysis of 25 Years of Thematic and Episodic Research in Academic Journals – Thematic and Episodic Frames in Obesity News: Findings from Three Studies – Thematic and Episodic Frames in Depression News: Findings from Two Studies – Conclusions: What Have We Learned and a Path Forward with These Frames – Index.