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Gravitational Coalescence Paradox and Cosmogenetic Causality in Quantum Astrophysical Cosmology

Raphael Neelamkavil

All quantum-physical and cosmological causal/non-causal dilemmas have superluminally causal solutions if existents are processual by extension-change impact-transfer. Fixing the extent of applicability of mathematics to physics demonstrates Universal Causality for cosmogenetic theories. Whether the cosmos is of finite or infinite content, the Gravitational Coalescence Paradox in cosmogenetic theories yields a philosophical cosmology of infinite-eternal continuous creation: specifically, the Gravitational Coalescence Cosmology.

Quantum Astrophysical Cosmology – Universal Law of Causality – Continuous Creation – Gravitational Coalescence Paradox – Branching Worlds – Ontological Categories – Philosophical Cosmology – Critique of Analytical Ontology – Philosophy of Mathematics