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Logic and Its Philosophy


Jan Woleński

This collection of essays examines logic and its philosophy. The author investigates the nature of logic not only by describing its properties but also by showing philosophical applications of logical concepts and structures. He evaluates what logic is and analyzes among other aspects the relations of logic and language, the status of identity, bivalence, proof, truth, constructivism, and metamathematics. With examples concerning the application of logic to philosophy, he also covers semantic loops, the epistemic discourse, the normative discourse, paradoxes, properties of truth, truth-making as well as theology, being and logical determinism. The author concludes with a philosophical reflection on nothingness and its modelling.

BIC Classifications

  • Humanities (H)
    • Philosophy (HP)
      • Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology (HPJ)
      • Philosophy: logic (HPL)
  • Mathematics & science (P)
    • Mathematics (PB)
      • Philosophy of mathematics (PBB)

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  • Mathematics (MAT)
    • MATHEMATICS / General (MAT000000)
  • Philosophy (PHI)
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    • PHILOSOPHY / Logic (PHI011000)
    • PHILOSOPHY / Metaphysics (PHI013000)

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      • Philosophy of mathematics (PBB)
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        • Philosophy: logic (QDTL)