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Sir David Nairne

The Life of a Scottish Jacobite at the Court of the Exiled Stuarts


Edward Corp

For nearly forty years David Nairne was actively involved in the administration of Jacobite politics. A member of the exiled courts of the Stuart Kings James II and James III, he worked for and with a succession of Jacobite secretaries of state, conducting the Jacobite correspondence, deciding on Jacobite policies and negotiating with the courts of Versailles, Lunéville and Rome. Moreover, he enjoyed particularly close relations for most of the period with both of the exiled kings. Despite this, his name is not well known to most historians of the period, so this completely new and original biography will restore him to the prominent and influential position which he occupied at the time. Nairne was both an observer and a participant in the struggle of the exiled Stuart monarchs to regain their kingdoms between 1689 and the end of the 1720s. The chance survival of many of his papers has made it possible to reconstruct a full account of his life from his birth in Scotland in 1655 until his death in Paris in 1740.