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Sustainable Landscape Planning and Design

Edited By Murat Özyavuz

Theoretical foundations, theories, methods, and applications are essential parts of this reference book for landscape architects and other planning and design professionals. In addition, it addresses several very different subjects of study; landscape management, biodiversity, landscape restoration, landscape design, urban design, urban planning and architectural design related to theory, practice and the results are covered. Due to the varied usage of the term Planning/Landscape Planning, the intended readership for this book is a broad audience including environmentalists, landscape architects, architects, environmentalists, botanists, urban and regional planners, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, agricultural organizations, students at all levels, research organizations, international organizations and all interested parties. Landscape architecture is one of the most important of the sustainable planning and design professions. It is the design of outdoor and public spaces to achieve environmental, socio-behavioral, and/or aesthetic outcomes. It involves the systematic investigation of existing social, ecological, and geological conditions and processes in the landscape, and the design of interventions that will produce the desired outcome.

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