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Going Local? Linking and Integrating Second-Home Owners with the Community’s Economy

A comparative study between Finnish and Polish second-home owners


Adam Czarnecki

This book analyses how deeply Finnish and Polish second-home owners are integrated into the community’s economy. It evaluates second homes considered as a dynamically growing constituent of rural landscape in Europe. The author examines what the key drivers of the consumer’s behaviour are, and what the impact of their spending is on the local economy. He utilizes a variety of analytical methods, i.e. classification trees, cluster analysis, regression models, Engel curves and statistical tests. His analysis is nested in microeconomic and consumer theories, tourism and rural studies. The research findings lead to the general conclusion on the consumption convergence that despite contrasting cultural, social and economic backgrounds as well as clear differences in the second home functioning, Finnish and Polish second-home owners are similar to a large extent, in terms of consumer behaviour.

«The monograph is well positioned at the outset with respect to rural social and economic change. This is a solid piece of research that significantly furthers the understanding of economic linkage of second homes in Poland and Finland, and should be valued for its potential contributions to policy and regional development.»

«Professor C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury»

«The book comprises a thorough investigation of the economic relationship between second homes and rural areas at the local level. The study, for the first time, provides a detailed analysis of informal purchasing in the context of second homes. This significant finding should be taken seriously by rural developers and policy makers in both countries.»

«PhD, Kati Pitkänen, Finnish Environmental Institute»

«This work is very useful in empirical, descriptive, analytical, methodological and practical terms. The monograph provides comprehensive and detailed characteristics of the widespread second-home phenomenon in two European countries as well as the assessment of its impact on the local, mostly rural, economy.»

«Professor Jerzy Wilkin, Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences»

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