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Globalization, Institutions and Socio-Economic Performance

Macro and Micro Perspectives

Edited By Ertuğrul Yıldırım and Hamza Çeştepe

The volume offers a multidisciplinary approach focusing on the core concepts of globalization, institutions and socio-economic performance.

It consists of two parts: (i) Globalization and its Effects, (ii) Institution and Socio-Economic Performance. Nine chapters in the first part concentrate on the definition of globalization, approaches to globalization, effects of globalization and various issues related to globalization such as global business ethics, carbon tax, public administration reforms, state spending, exports, tourism and foreign direct investment. The second part of the book deals with institutional economics, organizational culture and socialization, an organization of Akhism, institutional quality and foreign direct investment, economic freedom and innovation, the role of technoparks, the effects of Industry 4.0 and the relationship between sustainable development and health.

Globalization – Hyper-globalization – Skepticism – Transformism – Nation-state – Institution – Financial globalization – International movement of capital – Global business ethics – Management – Carbon tax – Economic growth – Panel causality analysis – Strategy – Strategic planning – Strategic management – Culture – Culture of strategic management – Government expenditures – Neoliberalism – Turkey – Furniture industry – Determiners of export performance – Factor analysis – Market orientation – Customer performance – Financial performance – Five-star hotels – Foreign direct investment – Effectiveness analysis – Banking sector – Institutional economics – Thorstein Bunde Veblen – Habit – Instinct – Culture – Organizational culture – Performance – Public institution – Civil servant – Organizational socialization – Organizational tenure – Organizational efficiency – Entrepreneurship – Social entrepreneurship – Moral entrepreneurship – Organization of Akhism – Social benefit – Institutional quality – Developing countries – Economic freedom – Innovation – Technology – Socio-economic development – Technopark – Industry 4.0 – Big data – Internet of objects – Smart factories – Sustainable development – Health – Canonical correlation analysis