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The Scarlet Letter. New Critical Essays


Edited By Janusz Semrau

This book is a collection of critical essays on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter (1850) – one of the most influential American works of fiction. The presented interpretations deal not only with the principal characters of the novel, but also with «The Custom-House», the Spanish sailors, the Book of Revelations, and the artist as adulterer. The critical tools employed include allegory, the Biedermeier, hermeneutical exposition, semiosis of the infans, and triangular desire.

This publication is dedicated to the memory of Andrzej Kopcewicz (1934-2007), the first professor ordinarius of American literature in the history of English studies in Poland, on the tenth anniversary of his death.

Joseph Kuhn – The children of Pearl: The Scarlet Letter in the criticism and fiction of Henry James – Marek Paryż – Resettlement, mobility and modernity in The Scarlet Letter – Janusz Semrau – From the Spanish Main to the Book of Revelation; or, Another view of Hester – Pawel Stachura – The Custom-House as a Biedermeier text – Jørgen Veisland – The artist as adulterer