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New Horizons in Philosophy and Sociology

Edited By Hülya Yaldir and Güncel Önkal

What is our responsibility as scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the face of global issues threatening humanity today? This book provides a platform for an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural dialogue among philosophers and sociologists on the most pressing global issues facing humanity today. Combining the critical thinking of philosophy with sociological methods and researches, this volume offers fresh and stimulating perspectives with regard to various issues including environmental degradation, democracy, gender and economic inequalities, religion, war and peace.

Hülya Yaldir is Professor of Philosophy at Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey. She received her MA and PhD degrees in Philosophy from the University of Reading, UK. Her main areas of interest are philosophy of mind, metaphysics, early modern philosophy, logic, philosophy of culture and comparative philosophy.

Güncel Önkal is Associate Professor at Maltepe University, Istanbul, Turkey. He has specialised in cultural philosophy, social epistemology, philosophy of art, sociology of punishment and sociology of knowledge by means of practical issues. He is currently delivering courses on daily-life sociology, modernity and postmodernity, sociology of knowledge and urban studies.