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The Dark Side of Media and Technology

A 21st Century Guide to Media and Technological Literacy

Edited By Edward Downs

The Dark Side of Media and Technology: A 21st Century Guide to Media and Technological Literacy is Herculean in its effort to survey for landmines in a rapidly changing media landscape. The book identifies four dark outcomes related to media and technology use in the 21st century, and balances the dark side with four points of light that are the keys to taking ownership of a media- and technology-saturated world. The text contains an impressive list of multi-disciplinary experts and cutting-edge researchers who approach 25 separate dark side issues with concise, highly readable chapters, replete with unique recommendations for navigating our mediated present and future.

The Dark Side of Media and Technology is grounded in theory and current research, but possesses an appeal similar to a page-turning dystopian novel; as a result, this volume should be of interest to scholars, students, and curious lay-readers alike. It should be the "go-to" text for anyone who is interested in learning what the research says about how we use media and technology, as well as how media and technology use us.

Figures – Preface – Acknowledgements – Edward Downs/Aaron R. Boyson: Dark Matters – Michael William Pfau/David Charles Gore: Propaganda’s Dark Shadow in History, Rhetoric, and Media – Nicholas David Bowman/Elizabeth L. Cohen: Technologies of Mass Deception? War of the Worlds, Twitter, and a History of Fake and Misleading News in the United States–Anthony M. Limperos/Will R. Silberman: Agenda-Setting in the Age of Emergent Online Media and Social Networks: Exploring the Dangers of a News Agenda Influenced by Subversive and Fake Information – Matthew P. McAllister/Lars Stoltzfus-Brown: Understanding Corrosive Elements in the Political Economy of Media – Kalen M. A. Churcher: Paparazzi, Drones, and Privacy – Meghan S. Sanders/Stephanie L. Whitenack: The Role of Media in Perpetuating Stereotypes – Jennifer Stevens Aubrey/Lindsay Roberts: The Dark-Side Gateway of Self-Objectification: Examining the Media’s Role in the Development of Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Disorders – Mary Beth Oliver/Arienne Ferchaud: The Bad Guys: Evil and Immorality in Media Entertainment – Aaron R. Boyson: Copycat Murder: Specious Mimesis or Natural Nemesis? – Jesse Fox/Guanjin Zhang/Jessica Frampton: The Dark Side of Social Networking Sites – Catalina L. Toma/Irene G. Sarmiento: Love and Lies: Deception in Online Dating – Amy Adele Hasinoff: Image-Based Sexual Abuse: It’s Not Revenge and It’s Not Porn – Loreen N. Olson/Roy Schwartzman: Child Sexual Predators’ Luring Communication Goes Online: Reflections and Future Directions – Matthew W. Savage/Douglas M. Deiss: Cyberbullying: Consequences and Coping – Jonathan A. Obar/Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch: Without Consent: The Dark Side of Ignoring the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of Social Media Services – S. Shyam Sundar/Andrew Gambino/Jinyoung Kim: Smart but Nosy: Gratifications of Ubiquitous Media That Threaten Our Privacy – T. Franklin Waddell/James D. Ivory: Dark Shadows in Video Game Effects: Concerns about Violence, Character Portrayals, and Toxic Behavior in Digital Games – Rebecca J. Gilbertson/Kayla M. Walton: Internet Gaming Disorder: Considering Problematic Internet Use as an Addiction – Edward Downs/Jacquelyn Harvey: Mobile Devices, Multitasking, Distraction, and Compulsive Tech Use – Edward Downs/Cheryl Campanella Bracken: Dark Side of Augmented and Virtual Reality – Peter A. H. Peterson/Charern Lee: Leaks Are Forever: Information Security and Cybercrime – Patric R. Spence/Autumn P. Edwards/Chad Edwards/David Nemer/Kenneth A. Lachlan: Rage Against the Machine: Negative Reactions and Antisocial Interactions with Social Bots and Social Robots – David J. Gunkel: The Killer App: Drones and Autonomous Machines – Edward Downs: A Light in the Dark: How Literacy Illuminates the Dark Side – Contributors – Index.