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Contemporary Anarchist Criminology

Against Authoritarianism and Punishment


Edited By Anthony J. Nocella II, Mark Seis and Jeff Shantz

Contemporary Anarchist Criminology: Against Authoritarianism and Punishment offers a cutting-edge critical assessment of criminology by creating provocative discussions regarding business as usual in the criminal justice system. This exciting interdisciplinary book explores a diversity of topics that range from the construction of criminal law, to Lombroso, to deviant behavior, to prison abolition, to transformative justice, to restorative justice, to environmental justice, and to the prison industrial complex. Contemporary Anarchist Criminology is a must-read book for anyone looking for a serious critique of the criminal justice system, specifically for those in sociology, political science, criminology, peace and conflict studies, and criminal justice. Contemporary Anarchist Criminology is not for the timid, but for those wanting to challenge and dismantle the current forms of domination, oppression, and injustice that frame and define the current system of justice.

Luis A. Fernandez: Foreword – Acknowledgements – Anthony J. Nocella II/Mark Seis/Jeff Shantz: Introduction: The Rise of Anarchist Criminology – Jeff Ferrell: Against the Law: Anarchist Criminology – Harold E. Pepinsky: Communist Anarchism as an Alternative to the Rule of Criminal – Jeff Shantz: Lombroso and the Anarchists: Anarchism in the Formation of Criminology – Colleen Hackett/Ben Turk: "Freedom First": Pursuing Abolition Through Supporting Prisoner Resistance – Laura Magnani: From Prison Abolition to Transformative Justice – Mark Seis: An Anarchist Criminology for Understanding Environmental Degradation – Reverend David "Wolf Eyes" Rose, Sr.: The Staff of Chronos – Maurice L. Graham: Actual Connections to Slavery in the Prison System – Sean Swain: On Crime and Deviance – Contributors – Index.