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Aspects of Medieval English Language and Literature

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference of the Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics


Edited By Michiko Ogura and Hans Sauer

This volume is a collection of papers read at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds in 2017, in two sessions organized by the Institute of English Studies at the University of London and four sessions organized by the Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics. Contributions consist of poetry, prose, interlinear glosses, syntax, semantics, lexicology, and medievalism. The contributors employ a wealth of different approaches. The general theme of the IMC 2017 was ‘otherness’, and some papers fit this theme very well. Even when two researchers deal with a similar topic and arrive at different conclusions, the editors do not try to harmonize them but present them as they are for further discussion.

Michiko Ogura is Professor of English at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Japan. Her special field are Old and Middle English syntax and word studies. Her publications includes Words and Expressions of Emotion in Medieval English (2013) and Periphrases in Medieval English (2018).

Hans Sauer is Emeritus Professor of English at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich, Germany. His research interests and publications include editions and studies of Medieval texts, word-formation, glosses, glossaries and lexicography, plant names, Beowulf, interjections, binomials, and the history of linguistics and English studies.