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A Historical Scholarly Collection of Writings on the Earth Liberation Front


Edited By Anthony J. Nocella II, Sean Parson, Amber E. George and Stephanie Eccles

As the inevitable, unsustainable nature of contemporary society becomes increasingly more obvious, it is important for scholars and activists to engage with the question, "what is to be done?" This anthology provides an analysis and overview of an under-discussed but important part of the radical environmental movement, the Earth Liberation Front, which actively tried to stop ecocide. Through an engagement with the activism and thought behind the ELF, contributors to the volume encourage the reader to begin questioning the nature of contemporary capitalism, the state, and militarism. The book also explores the social movement and tactical impact of the ELF, as well as the government response to its activism, in order to strengthen our analytic understanding of effectiveness, resistance, and community resilience. By combining classical and contemporary readings of the ELF movement, this anthology is sure to inspire more resistance and anarchy for decades to come. Social justice advocates, anarchists, environmental justice practitioners, and animal liberationists are just a few segments of the population who will benefit from reading this text.