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The Nordic PhD

Surviving and Succeeding

Edited By Christopher McMaster, Caterina Murphy and Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson

The Nordic PhD: Surviving and Succeeding is an edited book written for prospective and current doctoral students by a mix of doctoral students and those who have recently completed their doctorates. The premise is simple: if you could go back in time and talk with yourself when you began your studies, what advice would you give? Isn’t hindsight a bonus? If only I knew then what I know now!

The Nordic PhD: Surviving and Succeeding follows editions focused on study in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., U.S., and South Africa. What sets The Nordic PhD: Surviving and Succeeding apart from many others on the market is its down-to-earth and practical approach. Furthermore, its originality also lies in the fact that it is grounded in the context of doctoral studies in the Nordic countries.

Lene Tanggaard/Charlotte Wegener: Foreword: Enjoy the Journey – Preface and Acknowledgments – Part One: Practical Matters – Simon Krogh: Technological Tools for 21st Century PhDs – Julian Geiger: Paper Is Power: The Art of Making Notes – Andreas Kamstrup: Feedback as an Integral Part of Academic Writing – Roope A. Kallionpää: Failures and Setbacks: Contaminated Cell Cultures, Missing Data and Rejected Manuscripts – Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson: Writing the PhD Thesis: Planning, Getting Started and Getting Done – Part Two: New Opportunities – Christine Cox Eriksson: I Feel Like a Complete Idiot! Starting a PhD Program in a New Field – Anne Vorre Hansen: Returning to Academia – BethAnne Paulsrud: But Do I Really Have Anything to Say? Conferences and the PhD Student – Part Three: Wellbeing and Support – Kamma Overgaard Hansen: Maintaining Your Mental Health All the Way Through the PhD Process – Bethany Rogers: My Disability Does Not Define Me – Laurie Prange: Studying with Sensory Processing Disorder: Reframing Disabilities as Strengths – Part Four: A Matter of Relationships – Louise Floor Frellsen: The Evolving Relationship Between Supervisor and PhD Student – BethAnne Paulsrud: You, Your Supervisor, and the Importance of fika – Natasha A. Webster: Parental Leave During Your PhD: Planning, Plotting and Passing! – Carsten Lund Pedersen: Boundary Spanning Research: The Industrial PhD – Part Five: Going North to Study – Julie A. Niziurski/Judy Bruce/Sharon Stein/Christopher McMaster: No Tuition at All? Opportunities for the International Student – Luke John Murphy: Speaking Scandinavian: From the Classroom to the Lunch Room – Andrei Andryieuski: Challenges for International PhD Students Studying in Scandinavia – About the Contributors.