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Digitalization of Education – The How and Why of Lifelong Learning

Research Results Concerning Online-Further Education in Tourism. Significance – Expectation – Utilisation

Lars Rettig

More and more parts of our lives are being digitally enriched. The field of education is no exception. The learning and working worlds are changing, and therefore also the requirements for education, continuing education and further education. At the same time, the period in which knowledge is up-to-date is ever shorter. Thus the ability to do Lifelong Learning is not only decisive for the success of the individual, but also for the sustainable existence of companies, economic sectors and whole regions/destinations. On the basis of psychological, pedagogical and economical concepts the author deals with the How and Why of learning. Based on this he investigates the significance of Online-Further Education in Tourism by means of qualitative expert interviews.

Lars Rettig holds a Master’s degree in cultural studies and researches in the processes of transferring knowledge from generation to generation. He was research associate at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences in Heide and also responsible for running the inter-university Public Relations and Counselling team of the R&D-project LINAVO. After concluding the project, he became human resources officer at Groth & Co.