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Constructing the (M)other

Narratives of Disability, Motherhood, and the Politics of «Normal»


Edited By Priya Lalvani

Constructing the (M)other is a collection of personal narratives about motherhood in the context of a society in which disability holds a stigmatized position. From multiple vantage points, these autoethnographies reveal how ableist beliefs about disability are institutionally upheld and reified. Collectively they seek to call attention to a patriarchal surveillance of mothering, challenge the trope of the good mother, and dismantle the constructed hierarchy of acceptable children. The stories contained in this volume are counter-narratives of resistance—they are the devices through which mothers push back. Rejecting notions of the otherness of their children, in these essays, mothers negotiate their identities and claim access to the category of normative motherhood. Readers are likely to experience dissonance, have their assumptions about disability challenged, and find their parameters of normalcy transformed.

BIC Classifications

  • Society & social sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JF)
      • Social issues & processes (JFF)
        • Disability: social aspects (JFFG)
        • Social interaction (JFFP)
      • Social groups (JFS)
        • Gender studies, gender groups (JFSJ)
          • Gender studies: women (JFSJ1)
    • Education (JN)
      • Schools (JNL)
      • Teaching of specific groups & persons with special educational needs (JNS)
        • Teaching of physically disabled students (JNSC)
        • Teaching of students with specific learning difficulties / needs (JNSG)

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    • EDUCATION / General (EDU000000)
    • Special Education (EDU026)
      • EDUCATION / Special Education / General (EDU026000)
      • EDUCATION / Special Education / Behavioral, Emotional & Social Disabilities (EDU026050)
    • EDUCATION / Inclusive Education (EDU048000)
    • EDUCATION / Behavioral Management (EDU049000)
  • Family & Relationships (FAM)
    • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Children with Special Needs (FAM012000)
    • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Education (FAM016000)
    • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Learning Disabilities (FAM028000)
    • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Autism Spectrum Disorders (FAM048000)
  • Social Science (SOC)
    • SOCIAL SCIENCE / Women's Studies (SOC028000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Society & Social Sciences (J)
    • Society & culture: general (JB)
      • Social & ethical issues (JBF)
        • Disability: social aspects (JBFM)
      • Social groups (JBS)
        • Gender studies, gender groups (JBSF)
          • Gender studies: women & girls (JBSF1)
    • Education (JN)
      • Teaching of students with special educational needs (JNS)
        • Teaching of students with physical impairment or disability (JNSC)
        • Teaching of students with learning difficulties (JNSG)