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The European Decentralized Cooperation

A challenge for European local and regional authorities engaged in development


Edited By Antonella Valmorbida

The local dimension is not considered any longer the final part of a top down long chain of processes bringing democracy and wealth but rather an essential and founding part of it. This publication gives a significant and unique overview on the processes of decentralised cooperation and the ways in which it impacts and engages communities in the European Union and the rest of the world. The publication is mainly focusing on the neighbouring countries of Europe as well those engaged in process of accession to the EU. Decentralised cooperation is an instrument with an important and evidenced added value to be further strengthened and empowered. 


The compelling narrative develops a comprehensive perspective on the processes of Decentralisation and development through cooperation between local authorities and civil society based on thorough research on legislative, extensive work in the field as well as good practices from relevant countries in Europe and its Neighbourhood.

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