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International Public Relations

Practices and Approaches

Edited By Mehmet Umut Tuncer

Today, globalisation has reached its peak not only due to economic integration, but also by the multiplier effect stemmed from digital communication technologies. The concept of «global village», mentioned nearly half a century ago by Marshall McLuhan, confronts us as actual reality. Of course, this approach creates radical impact on all management practices.

Public relations is one of the management instruments which is affected most by the emergent change in approach within this context. In this volume, the authors define public relations through an international perspective within the context of both theory and practice. Consisting of fifteen sections, the book describes what intra- and extra-organisational public relation theories and practices correspond to in the present day.

Public relations – International public relations – History of public relations – Social responsibility – Crisis communication – Reputation – Sponsorship – Interaction processes – Intercultural communication – Lobbyism – International politics – Ethics – Product placement – Tourism – Human resources management