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The Resurrection of the «Spectre»

A Marxist Analysis of Race, Class and Alienation in the Post-war British Novel

Sercan Hamza Bağlama

This book analyses the literary works of Alan Sillitoe, Sam Selvon, Doris Lessing and James Kelman since each of them is a representative of a different class or colour or gender or region in post-war Britain. The overall aim of the book is to reconceptualise the broader economic, cultural and social framework of the processes of alienation and of escape mechanisms employed by the individual as defence mechanisms in capitalist cultures. Suggesting that postmodern identity politics is unable to give a materialistic articulation of poverty and subordination, the book develops an anti-establishment, egalitarian and emancipatory framework in reading its authors: one which might also be implemented as part of a movement that aims to critique, resist and overthrow injustice and oppression.

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