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Intercultural Health Communication


Edited By Andrew R. Spieldenner and Satoshi Toyosaki

Intercultural Health Communication brings together the fields of health and intercultural research in new work from leading communication scholars. This book is based on two premises: neither health nor culture is a neutral concept. The authors of this collection employ critical, qualitative, and interpretive research methodologies in order to engage the political and intersectional nature of health and culture simultaneously. Changing notions of healthy behaviors (or ill health) are not just a matter of knowledge; they live inside discourses about the body, aesthetics, science, and the world. We see this book as an important step towards developing a more transnational view of health communication. Intercultural Health Communication ties together the critical public health with critical intercultural communication. Through these connections, the authors engage the health research in, amongst others: HIV, cancer, trauma, celiac disease, radioactive pollution, food politics, and prenatal care. Intercultural Health Communication emerges from a broad need to address connections and challenges to incorporating health communication with intercultural communication approaches. After compiling this book, we see ready connections to public health, global studies, gender and sexuality studies and ethnic studies. In this day and age, nation states have to be considered within the broader frameworks of globalization, transnationalism and global health. We recognize that the contemporary health issues require an understanding of culture as integral towards eliminating health disparities.

Andrew R. Spieldenner/Gloria N. Pindi/Satoshi Toyosaki: Introduction: Intercultural Health Communication Studies – Engaging Interdisciplinary Approaches: Analysis, Interpretation, Critique, and Action – Yea-Wen Chen/Sarah Parsloe: Health Narratives and Body Politics on the Margins: Proposing Six Principles of "EMBODY" with Cultural Others – Shinsuke Eguchi: Queer(ing) Spaces: Sexualities as Critical Intersections among Health and Intercultural Communication – Katie D. Scott/Tina M. Harris: The Construction of Women and Their Health Across Cultures – Annette Madlock Gatison: Moving beyond Awareness Social Media in Health and Policy Communication: The Case of the Black Women’s Health Imperative’s Black Women Vote 2018 National Health Policy Agenda – Engaging Selfhoods: Contextual Complexity between Biomedical and Cultural Narratives – Gloria N. Pindi: "I’m Not Sick, I’m Hairy": Cultural Constructions of Women’s Bodies in the Ob/Gyn Exam – Tomeka M. Robinson: People of Color Don’t Get That: An Analytic Autoethnography of Living with Celiac Disease – Engaging Communities: Communal Complexity, Identity Politics, and Advocacy – Ambar Basu, Patrick J. Dillon/Shaunak Sastry/Nivethitha Ketheeswaran: HIV Drugs [Are] Like My Birth Control Pill: Lived Narratives of Black and Latino MSM in an Urban American Context – Spring Cooper/P. Christopher Palmedo: Social Media as a Transformative Force in Intercultural Health Communications: A Case Study of the BADASS Army – Leandra H. Hernández: Mexican-American Women, Prenatal Testing, and Definitions of Fetal Health: Challenging Social Perceptions of What Is "Healthy" – Mohan J. Dutta/Satveer Kaur-Gill: Health in the Margins: Cultural Borders in Contestation – Lara Lengel/Adam Smidi/Nora Abdul-Aziz: Transcending In/Visibility, Isolation, and Stigma: Trauma- Inforced and Culture-Centric Mental Health – Jillian A. Tullis: Searching for a Good Death – Classrooms: Meaningful Complexity of Teaching and Learning –Satoshi Toyosaki/Patrick Seick/Shelby Swafford/Darren J. Valenta/Lindy Wagner: Critical Intercultural Health Communication Pedagogy: An Autoethnographic Approach – Phillip E. Wagner: Photovoice and Photobodies: Public Pedagogies of Health – Kallia O. Wright: When Cultural Identity Impacts Health Decisions: Using Grey’s Anatomy to Teach Communication Theory of Identity and Agency-Identity Model –Satoshi Toyosaki/Andrew R. Spieldenner: Intercultural Health Communication Studies: Looking Forward –About the Contributors – Index.