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International Criminal Tribunals as Actors of Domestic Change.

The Impact on Institutional Reform vol 2


Edited By Klaus Bachmann

International Criminal Tribunals do not only do justice and judge the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes. Their decisions often affect whole societies, governments, legislation in distant countries and trigger processes od adaptation in the administration of countries, which are under the jurisdiction of such a tribunal. This book present the first part of the results of a five-year international research project, based on field research in ten European and African countries. It shows how and when International Criminal Tribunals can trigger institutional reforms even in non-democratic countries, and when and how some governments resisted the tribunals' influence. The editors and authors make an important contribution to the debates in International Relations, International Law and Political Science by showing the possibilities and limits of International Criminal Justice.

Volume 2 presents the evidence from field studies in Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Kenya, Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia.

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