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Learner Autonomy in the CLIL Classroom


Edited By Frank Maschmeier

The concept of learning a language through ‘real’ content matter (CLIL) is flourishing, which can be seen both in the spread of CLIL as well as in the increasing number of studies in this field. So far, most of these studies have focused on the language benefits of CLIL.

This book focuses on how CLIL is likely to affect the learner’s performance in both the language and the subject. The author investigates to what extent learners who may be far from being autonomous in the foreign language can still work in self-directed ways. Thus, this book examines potentially ‘hidden dangers’ of CLIL, such as the risk of teacher dependency.

Based on a study in NRW, this book points to chances and risks in the CLIL classroom, and offers valuable tips for CLIL teachers.

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