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Refugee Policies in Europe

Solution for an announced emergency

Edited By Andrea De Petris

Over the last years no other topic has dominated the political debate in Europe like the migration crisis did. In 2016 migrations flows across the Mediterranean Sea were at its height. In this publication the authors look at selected EU-governments and their national responses to the challenges posed by the migration phenomenon as well as the steps taken jointly on EU-level. This comparative approach gives an overview of the migration situation in selected EU-member states and provides insight in the policy measures put in place.

EU-Refugee Policy: lessons from the stress test. What the EU has learned, and still needs to learn, from the refugee crisis – The German perspective. The regulation of migration flows and European cooperation – in the field of asylum – How Germany does it. From the refugee crisis to integration – Refugee Policy in Europe. Country Study Germany – Reception and integration policies of asylum seekers in Italy. A long lasting emergency and the struggles to overcome it – The asylum crisis in Sweden 2015. A failed «humanitarian superpower»? – UK Refugee and Migration policy. A brief overview