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Feuchtwanger and Judaism

History, Imagination, Exile


Edited By Paul Lerner and Frank Stern

This collection of essays is devoted to the Jewish themes that ran through Lion Feuchtwanger’s life, works and worlds. Beginning with a selection of Feuchtwanger’s unpublished writings, speeches, and interviews, the volume examines the author’s approaches to Jewish history, Zionism, Judaism’s relationship to early Christianity and to eastern religions, and Jewish identity through his works, above all his historical fiction. Essays also trace translations of his works into English and Russian, and the meaning of his writing for various communities of Jewish and non-Jewish readers in Britain, North America, and the Soviet Union. A final section frames the issues around Feuchtwanger and Jewishness more broadly by considering the condition of exile and expanding the focus to communities of émigré writers and political figures in North America and beyond.

Paul Lerner is Professor of History at the University of Southern
California specializing in German-Jewish cultural history. He is the
author of The Consuming Temple: Jews, Department Stores, and the
Consumer Revolution in Germany, 1880–1940
and Hysterical Men: War,
Psychiatry and the Politics of Trauma in Germany, 1890–1930
and the
editor of works on Jewish consumer culture, Los Angeles as a site of
German-American crossings, and German Jews and gender history.

Frank Stern is Professor for Visual and Contemporary Culture
at the University of Vienna specializing in German-Jewish, Austrian-
Jewish and Israeli cultural history with a focus an cinema. He is the
author of The Whitewashing of the Yellow Badge: Antisemitism and
Philosemitism in Postwar Germany
and Franz Rosenzweig. Denker
der Jüdischen Moderne
and the editor of Feuchtwanger und Exil and
numerous other publications on film and cultural history.