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Children Can Fly

Gunda Schneider

The Polish Doctor and Pedagogue Janusz Korczak comes from a Jewish family. Though he did not join a religious community he was familiar with the biblical tradition, as is the author, a Christian theologian. The biblical tradition understands life as a gift, which provokes joy. Education means to live together with children as people with respect to their rights. Korczak lists the Child’s Right to Die, the Right to Today, and the Right to be what it is. These rights contain the children’s self-determination as a person, so that "they can fly". The Author reflects the education of her three children with these thoughts. There are no educational recipes or ideals. The understanding of life and time, responsibility, forgiving, belief in God and prayer, death and finitude are discussed.

No purpose of education; children are people with rights: the Right to Die, the Right to Today, the Right to be what it is. Topics: Children’s Time, the primacy of today, freedom, enjoying nature, the necessity of order, duties, responsibility, joy of life and laughter, God, prayer, death.