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The Preamble and Mission of the Constitution

Michael J. C. Taylor

The Preamble and Mission of the Constitution is an intellectual history of the six essential phrases of the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. These phrases convey what the essential goals and purposes of the Constitution are, and this book’s essential mission is to discern both the original intent of the Framers, as well as the Enlightenment legacy they left to us. This book examines the writings of the Framers, as well as the various works that inspired their ideas and the abstract concepts they studied.

Permissions – Preface – Acknowledgments – Prologue: "We, the People of the United States": Political Sovereignty and Its Influence on American Constitutionalism – "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union": The Social Contract and the Reclamation of American Independence – "Establish Justice": Impartiality and Equity under a Federal Constitution – "Insure Domestic Tranquility": A Unified Nation through a Balanced Government – "Provide for the Common Defense": Protecting a New Nation under the Constitution – "Promote the General Welfare": The Federal Government and the Public Good – "To Secure the Blessings of Liberty": The Protection of Personal Rights in the Constitution – Epilogue: "Do Ordain and Establish": The Constitution and the Modern American Citizen – Appendix A: Thoughts on Government – Appendix B: Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union – Appendix C: The Constitution of the United States – Bibliography – Index.