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The Law and the Gentiles in Acts 15

Divine Authority in Scripture

Hui-Chun (Peggy) Chen

This book is for people who are interested in Luke and the law, and specifically in Acts 15. For all students writing papers related to Luke and the law or Acts 15 and especially for professors who are teaching Acts, this is a book they must consider. This work provides a new approach to reading Acts 15. It reads both Peter’s and James’ speeches in Acts 15 in light of Jesus’ view of the law in the Gospel of Luke. For example, this book proposes that Peter’s reference to God’s cleansing the heart of the Gentile believers, in conjunction with his speaking of the Jews’ inability to do the law in Acts 15:9-10, should be understood against Luke 11: 37-41. This book also proposes that in James’ use of Amos 9:11-12 (in Acts 15:16-17), he recalls Jesus’ stress upon his name in Luke 24. In Luke 24:47-48, Jesus expounds that the Scriptures (the law of Moses, prophets, and Psalms) speak of the mission of the early church, simply that repentance for the forgiveness of sins, on the basis of his name, will be preached.