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High School Latinx Counternarratives

Experiences in School and Post-graduation


Juan A. Ríos Vega

This book represents an ethnographic study of the experiences and counternarratives of twelve Latinx young adults. All of the participants in this study are first generation immigrants to the United States, representing different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and immigration statuses. Drawing from Latino Critical Theory (LatCrit) and Queers of Color Epistemologies as a theoretical framework, this book analyzes the personal experiences of Latinx during and after finishing high school. This book uses a classroom project (dialogue journals) to reconnect with twelve former English language learners (ELLs) from the Southeast after ten years. Through the use of dialogue journals as an English as a second language (ESL) strategy to support writing, the participants in this book document personal and communal experiences as Latinx immigrants in the United States. This book will represent an excellent asset for teachers, school administrators, counselors, staff, preservice teachers, practicing educators, graduate students, scholars, and policymakers.

List of Figures – Latinx Voices Counternarratives – Introduction – Summary – (Im)migration Journey – Border Crossers – Leaving the Island(s) – Parental Support – Navigating High School – Discrimination and Racism – Tracking and Low Expectations – Undocuqueers – ESL Class – Post-High School – College and DACA – New Families and Jobs – Broken Dreams and Resilience – Conclusions, Implications, and Final Words – Introduction – Book Questions – Major Implications – Final Words.