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Teaching and Learning Phraseology in the XXI Century Phraseologie Lehren und Lernen im 21. Jahrhundert

Challenges for Phraseodidactics and Phraseotranslation Herausforderungen für Phraseodidaktik und Phraseoübersetzung


Edited By Florentina Mena Martínez and Carola Strohschen

Phraseology is a field of research that is gaining increasing interest. Today, two of the core areas of applied phraseology, phraseodidactics and phraseotranslation, take advantage of the new developments in other linguistic areas. The investigation into the teaching and translation of phraseological units is constantly moving forward, which will have an effect on the practice of pedagogy and translation in this century. This book includes the most important current trends in phraseodidactics and phraseotranslation research applying methods from cognitive linguistics, to construction grammar, and to corpus linguistics. It also deals with the key issues of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the influence of the mother tongue, and the development of materials.