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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

Conceptos Fundamentales

Edited By David Schwarzer, Mary Petrón and Clarena Larrotta

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: Conceptos Fundamentales explores relevant concepts of bilingualism for pre-service Spanish/English bilingual teachers in the United States. This volume is reader friendly while presenting complex theoretical content. It is the first of its kind to seamlessly switch between English and Spanish languages for academic purposes. This book fills a gap in the academic literature related to translanguaging as a modern and global phenomenon. The authors invite bilingual educators to develop translingual classrooms with bilingual students in which academic English and Spanish are intentionally mixed. Volume contributors center their discussions on theory, practice, and action as they reflect on their own bilingual journeys. Features such as glossary terms, discussion questions, and intentional reflection on each author’s bilingual journey make it innovative and a must read in all bilingual teacher preparation programs in the nation.

“Let me start with my conclusion: This book is a mandatory read for all bilingual education pre-service teachers! And I expect that this is the first of many more books in this translingual format—felicitaciones! This volume pushes the reader to reconsider their preconceived ideas about language separation and mixing from a different stand-point. The authors of this anthology have a history of producing critical, relevant, and sophisticated work, which obviously will push the reader to think and do different work around the relationships between language, power, justice, and pedagogy. I was thrilled to write the endorsement for the book: I always had admired the pioneering work of the editors of the volume that break schemes of the academic taken-for-granted common-sense assumptions. This unique cutting-edge volume is commendable not only for its academic contributions BUT for the way in which Spanish and English interact in a dynamic and fluid way.” —Jaime Grinberg, Full Professor, Montclair State University