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A Life Remembered

A Memoir of Anew McMaster


Mary-Rose McMaster

«Perhaps the greatest actor-manager of his time», wrote the distinguished playwright Harold Pinter, whose first job in the theatre was with Anew McMaster’s classical theatre company and whose little book, called Mac, Pinter published as a tribute to him after his death. For over thirty years «Mac», as he was known, toured the Irish provinces giving the country people their first sight of Shakespeare. Anew McMaster died over fifty years ago, and though he figures largely in biographies by Micheal O’hAodha, Simon Callow and his brother-in-law, Micheál MacLiammóir, he has not had, as yet, a full book devoted to his life and work.

CONTENTS: Birkenhead, the Early Years - London, a Mentor and a Significant Meeting - The Willmores - Mac, Mana, Micheál, and the First World War - Vanished to Australia - An Arabian Prince Returns, and «Iris» - Flight into Ireland - First Tours, and Micheál and Hilton - Shakespeare at the Abbey - A Second Abbey Season - Williamstown, and Mrs Patrick Campbell - Hard Times - Stratford - Chiswick - Religion, Scotland, and the Second World War - Loughleven Cottage - Touring During the War - Lord Longford and Oedipus - Fire, Lights and the War - Facts of Life - Burgess, Paulette, and Winterset - Pembroke Road and Some Actors - Australia Again - Changing Times and Equity - I Leave the Company - America and Long Day’s Journey - Home Again and More Changes - The Writing on the Wall.