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How Stories Teach Us

Composition, Life Writing, and Blended Scholarship

Edited By Amy E. Robillard and D. Shane Combs

In How Stories Teach Us: Composition, Life Writing, and Blended Scholarship, Amy E. Robillard and D. Shane Combs leave behind the debate between the personal and the academic in composition studies in order to witness what happens when composition scholars allow both the personal and the academic to act upon them in the stories they tell. The editors and contributors, in blending their scholarship, celebrate the influence of life writing on their work and allow the contexts of their lives and the urgency of their stories to blend together for a range of approaches to scholarship and essay writing. This blended scholarship features scholars and teachers dealing with loss, grief, illness, trauma, depression, abuse, gender identity, and the ravages of time. How Stories Teach Us is both a challenge and an invitation to composition scholars to pursue a fuller and more robust approach to their scholarship and life stories. It is also an invitation to teachers of composition to open up the potentials of blended scholarship to the students they teach.

Foreword by Richard E. Miller – Acknowledgements – Amy E. Robillard/D. Shane Combs: Introduction: Learning How to Tell the Story – How We Come to Terms With Our Lives – Elizabeth Boquet: Before the Heavens Open Up – Rona Kaufman: An Arrangement – Bump Halbritter/Julie Lindquist: Collecting and Coding Synecdochic Selves: Identifying Learning Across Life-Writing Texts – Sam Meekings: Writing Backwards: Adventures With Time and Structure in Life Writing – How We Revise Our Lives – Lisya Seloni: Moving Literacies: A Need to Tell Transnational Stories – Jessica L. Weber: (Dis)Arming With Stories: Power and Narrative Reconciliation in Retelling – Karen-Elizabeth Moroski: In the Space Between Chaos and Shape: Reclaiming the Bound Exile Through Affect Study and Life Writing – D. Shane Combs: The Me I Don’t Meet Unless: Life Writing, Play Studies, and an Untested Story – How We Survive Our Lives – Brooke Hessler: Hearing Voices – Jonathan Alexander: Writing a Queer Life, or, S-Town in Five Rhetorical Situations – Amy E. Robillard: Narrating Depression – Laura Gray-Rosendale: Telling Other Stories: Some Musings on Rhetorics of Identity and Time in Memoir – Contributors – Index.