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The Life and Music of John Buckley


Benjamin Dwyer

As well as providing a very readable and comprehensive study of the life and music of John Buckley, Constellations also offers an up-to-date and informative catalogue of compositions, a complete discography, translations of set texts and the full libretto of his chamber opera, making this book an essential guide for both students and professional scholars alike.

Acknowledgements- Foreword- Introduction- Beginnings (1951-1972) - Early Years and Background- Introduction to Music- School Days- The Move to Dublin- Early Works (1973-1976) - Teacher and Composer- Contemporary Music in Ireland in the 1970s- New Developments- SELECTED ANALYSIS: 24- Sonata for CorAnglais and Piano (1973)- Three Pieces for Solo Flute (1973)- Wind Quintet (1976)- Between the Celtic and the Avant-garde- (1977-1987)- Part 1: Towards Ireland- Recognition- Studies in Cardiff- Myth and Modernism- SELECTED ANALYSIS: - Taller than Roman Spears (1977)- Oileáin(1979)- I Am Wind on Sea (1987)- Part 2: Towards Europe- Early Successes- Connecting with Cage and Lutoslawski- SELECTED ANALYSIS: - Concerto for Chamber Orchestra (1981)- Time Piece (1982)- Educational and Peripheral Works(1982-1998)- Ennis Composition Summer School- Educational Works- Consolidation (1988-1996) - Expanding Horizons- The Scene in Ireland- The Late 1980s and Early 1990s- SELECTED ANALYSIS: - Symphony No. 1 (1988)- A Thin Halo of Blue (1990)- The Words Upon the Window Pane (1991)- Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (1992)- Towards a New Refinement (1997-2005) - The Late 1990s and the New Millennium- SELECTED ANALYSIS: - Concerto for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra (1997)- Tidal Erotics(1999)- In Winter Light (2004)- Constellations (2005-2010) as far as the eye can seeCoda- Bibliography - Appendices I-VI - Catalogue of Compositions- Abendlied– (text)- Rivers of Paradise – (text)- The words upon the window pane – (Libretto)- Te Deum (text)- Discography- Index -