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Values and Virtues in the Military


Nadine Eggimann Zanetti

Values and virtues play an important role in military organizations. In par-ticular, armies can be understood as institutions that are guided by values and virtues, endeavoring to promote them. A common understanding within the military organization relating the relevant values  and virtues is therefore essential. In many armed forces, there are lists of relevant values and virtues that have mostly grown historically. In the context of this vol-ume, special emphasis has been devoted to the value and virtue culture and its importance within a military organization. Specifically, the dimen-sional structure of values  and virtues was analyzed. Through a systematic survey of the military target groups and a factor analytical assessment within the Swiss Armed Forces, the core values and virtues were catego-rized and defined. These values and virtues describe the current culture of the Swiss Armed Forces and contribute to a binding support of the objectives of military education.

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