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Balkan Cinema and the Great Wars

Our Story

Edited By Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Savas Arslan and Marian Tutui

Balkan Cinema is a result of a common cultural space shared by different nations. While operating under a blanket and negative perspective on the region, Balkan filmmakers produced diverse yet comparable narratives creatively responding to their situation. Featuring selected and edited presentations from the Third International Conference on Balkan Cinema 8-10 May 2018 in Bucharest, this volume features how films entangled these issues including wars, national identity, myths, travels, and cultural exchanges. While we share a common Balkan heritage and celebrate peace and coexistence, we are also aware of the fact that our stories are written amidst and through multiple conflicts and wars. The wars and the peace, regardless of when and how they are happening, are ours to share.

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