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The «Church Histories» of Theodore Lector and John Diakrinomenos


Adrian Szopa, Kamilla Twardowska, Rafał Kosiński and Aneta Zabrocka

Edited By Philip Rance

This book provides the reader with a comprehensive edition of the Church Histories by John Diakrinomenos and Theodore Lector. It contains the original texts along with translations into English and a commentary. We offer a completely new edition, which should be a convenient tool to be used by the researchers. We have made a clear distinction between what is certainly the content that comes from Theodore and the later transmission of the factual information derived from his Church History as can be found in various Byzantine works. We have also attempted, in each particular instance, to trace the connection between the transmission in the later works and Theodore’s composition. It should be emphasized that it is the first translation of all Theodorean tradition into modern language.

Introduction to Christological Controversy in 5th and 6th C. – Text and translation of the John Diakrinomenos’ Church History – Text and translation of the Church History of Theodore Lector – The Chronicle of Victor of Tunnuna – Text and translation of the further tradition associated with the Theodore Lector’s Church History